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EMK Technologies began commerce in 2010 with the aim to re-invent the Electronic Materials Supply Model that is currently in the market. With a passionate and entrepreneurial team, EMK specializes in supplying of Specialty Materials for High-Tech industries such as Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, Advance Wafer Packaging, LED, Solar Cell and related industries. With our industry know-how, Lean & Reliable approach, and product development capabilities, EMK has successfully join many MNC names in this sophisticated high-end industry.

EMK seeks to connect end-users to upstream Chemical Manufacturers by incorporating a reliable 'Backwards Integrated' approach with majority of the product lines. This allows for not only unprecedented cost-savings, but also opens up the possibility of custom-manufactured solutions for our customers’ unique needs. By turning Commodity into Specialty, EMK enables engineers to develop new technologies at an ever-increasing pace, for a better tomorrow.

EMK has established a firm supply presence with its Fab-Lite model in Singapore, South East Asia countries and are expanding activities to the Greater China Market and the rest of the world.




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